See you on the battlefield

Anyone who has celebrated at least their eighteenth birthday can come and have fun at prague gun range We offer you a unique opportunity to try out a lot of weapons in the real world. Are you a fan of action games? Yes? So you have a hundred percent chance to have a good time. Thanks to a sophisticated plan, you can`t get bored.

Lots of people have a weakness for weapons. Remember one thing. Just because you can use your weapon well in the game does not mean that your skills will move into your real hands.

maskovaný střelec

Do you want to prove that your abilities are real? Come to us and show us what you can do. If you need help, you can contact us. Whoever holds a gun in his hand for the first time is happy if he hits the target. If it happens that you don`t hit the target despite all your efforts, it will definitely work out next time. You will not be the first or the last. The most important thing is to have fun and have an experience that you will really remember.

This experience is suitable for both men and women. Women have a real desire to shoot the target to the last possible charge. We always say to our staff that we do not want to be in the shoes of their partners. Sometimes we are afraid when they return the borrowed equipment. So man, if your girlfriend has her days, be sure to book her an appointment in time. You don`t want her to vent her anger elsewhere.

girl - gun

We can book your appointment many days in advance. If you come unannounced, we can`t guarantee – We’ll have free equipment for you.

We hope that what you expect from the experience will come true. If you give us feedback, we will be happy. We are still trying to improve, so we have no problem with negative feedback. On the contrary, we will be grateful and happy to improve.

We look forward to your visit and see you soon on the battlefield.

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